Why are Most Car Interiors Black?

Black car interior

Most car interiors are black because black is a classy color and it attracts the largest number of people.


Reasons why black car interiors are popular are:

  • Attracts a larger audience
  • Sleep appearance
  • Black is a versatile color
  • Easier to manufacture
  • Easier to resell


Greater Market

Black is the safest color choice for car interiors. There are a few advantages that come with a black car interior like a less soiled appearance and warmth.


Sleek appearance

Black interiors impart a certain kind of class to the car. The cars with black interiors look sleeker as compared to other variants like tan, white or gray.



Black, being a versatile color, complements well with any other color. Similarly, black car interiors go well with almost all exteriors.


Easy to manufacture

The production effort for black interiors is much less than its counterparts like tan and beige. As a result, most manufacturers possess a greater inventory of black interior cars.


Easy to Resell

Since black color attracts a wider market due to the general perceptions of the buyers, it is easy to resell and saves you from the hassle.


Why are black interiors popular?

Black interiors are popular because it is easy to manufacture and black color goes well with the vast majority of car exterior colors.

Listed below are a few other reasons why black interiors are popular.

  • Black is a universal color. Black interiors go well with almost all the colors of exteriors.
  • In the cold climatic regions where heat is desirable, black car interiors tend to keep the car warm.
  • Black interiors conceal the appearance of dirt and dust particles on the interior elements of the car.
  • Black interiors can be paired up with different types of materials such as aluminum, wood, etc.
  • It is easy to clear out the inventory of cars with black car interiors unlike those with lighter shades.

Why some people hate black car interiors?

Some people hate black car interiors as they bring a very boring vibe to the car. Black interiors may overshadow the designs and aesthetics of the car interior.

Most car dealerships sell cars with only black interiors. Sometimes, it is the only variant available for the buyers. Furthermore, in hot climatic regions where the heat is intense, black car interiors are undesirable. They heat up very fast and cool down very slowly, affecting the efficiency of the car.


Black car interior pros

There are many advantages of black car interiors such as:

  • Black interiors hide the dirt and dust particles, making it a preferred choice for people with pets.
  • It is easier to clean and maintain black car interiors as compared to their lighter variants.
  • Cars with black interiors provide a higher resale value to the owner.
  • Black interiors, being classy, indicate high status and wealth.
  • Black interiors impart a sporty look to the overall appearance of the car. It complements the supercars and sports cars very well.
  • A car with black interiors is easy to resell and doesn’t cause much trouble to the seller or buyer.


Black car interior cons

There can be many disadvantages of black car interiors like:

  • The monochrome look of black color can come around as boring to look at.
  • Any kind of wear or scratch is prominently visible on black car interiors.
  • There are mostly no variants in the shade of black interiors. Therefore, the choices may become limited.
  • In hotter areas where the temperature is normally high, black car interiors are a great disadvantage as black color absorbs heat.
  • Cars with black car interiors are sometimes costlier than lighter shades.


Car interior light Vs dark

Dark car interiors are better than light colored ones because they are easy to maintain, look very sleek and don’t fade away.


Advantages of light car interiors

  1. Cars with light interiors seem airy and spacious which is good for claustrophobic people.
  2. Light interiors impart a luxurious appearance to the car.
  3. When parked under the sun, light car interiors do not absorb as much heat as black interiors.
  4. Light interiors don’t fade away with time.


Disadvantages of light car interiors

  1. Light interiors get soiled quickly. Therefore, they may require frequent cleaning.
  2. Some people associate light interiors with older generations.
  3. Cars with light interiors may cause trouble while reselling.


Advantages of dark car interiors

  1. Dark interiors are easy to maintain because they hide the soiling.
  2. They look sportier as compared to light interiors.
  3. It is the safest bet if you plan to resell your car in the future.
  4. They heat up faster than light colors. Therefore, they are perfect for polar regions.


Disadvantages of dark car interiors

  1. There are no second options available in dark interiors except black.
  2. Wear and scratches are visible on dark interiors.
  3. The dark colors fade away faster than light colors making the car look dull.
  4. Dark interiors look congested and therefore, not a great option for people who are scared of closed spaces.


Are dark car interiors hotter?

Yes, dark car interiors are hotter than light interiors. It is because dark interiors absorb more heat as compared to lighter shades.

The colors on the blue side of the light spectrum reflect all the light. Black color absorbs all the light and converts it into heat. This results in heating of the black car interiors making them hotter than their lighter counterparts.


Why do black cars get hotter?

Black cars get hotter because of the absorption of more light. This absorbed light gets converted into heat and causes the heating of black cars.

In the case of parked cars, light entering into the car can’t escape out as quickly as it gets in. This is because light colored interiors reflect about 60% of the sunlight whereas the dark colors don’t. That’s why black car interiors absorb a lot of sunlight and heat up quickly as well. Therefore, the temperature of the car increases rapidly and causes the black cars to become hot.


How much hotter is a black car interior?

In similar light conditions, a black car records the interior temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit which is equal to 54.4 degrees Celsius. A white car’s interior temperature is only 113 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius.

Also, a white car’s interior cools down much faster than that of a black car. It has been noted that a white car cools down to 84 degrees Fahrenheit from 113 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 minutes. On the other hand, a black car cools down to 91 degrees Fahrenheit from 139 degrees Fahrenheit at the same time.


Do black cars get dirty fast?

Yes, black cars get dirty very fast. It is very hard to maintain the cleanliness of a black car compared to a light colored car.

It is because things like bird droppings and sand become readily visible on black cars. Also, when exposed to high temperatures or sun, black color may fade away, making the car look ugly and old.

Furthermore, black cars aren’t resistant to the appearance of scratches and marks.



While black is the most popular color for a car interior, you have to keep in mind that a black interior will cause the temperature of your car to increase by an extra 20 degrees compared to lighter colors. Black cars are difficult to be kept clean as mud, leaves, and bird droppings are prominently visible on a dark color.

However, black interiors do complement most car colors and will be easier to resell. This makes black a good choice for most people.

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