20 Inch Car Wheels Guide (18″ Vs 20″)

20 inch car wheels

What is the advantage of 22-inch wheels? The advantages of 22-inch wheels are improved road-gripping capacity and aesthetic appeal. Improved Road-Holding Magnitude – All other aspects remaining constant, bigger wheels and tires offer improved road-holding capacity. Another benefit is shorter braking distance and enhanced grip, especially in rainy or snowy weather conditions. Aesthetic Appeal – … Read more

Why Won’t My Interior Car Lights Turn OFF?

Why won’t my interior car lights turn OFF? The interior lights on a car may not turn OFF even after closing the doors, due to problems in the circuit such as a malfunctioning switch or incorrect wiring. These lights are often located under the roof, dashboards and sometimes on the doors. They turn ON when … Read more

Why is My Car making a Beeping Noise?

Car making beeping noise

Your car is likely to making a beeping noise due to an open hood, improperly shut doors, unfastened seat belts, or an electrical malfunction. Open hood or incompletely shut doors Unfastened seat belts Incorrectly applied parking brakes Electrical malfunction Low coolant level   Open hood or incompletely shut doors In cars like Kia, the beeping … Read more

Can You Drive a Car with a Blown Head Gasket?

Car has a blown head gasket

You cannot drive a car with a blown head gasket as it can result in overheating and damage to the engine. The refrigerant and oil, along with engine pressure, may leak into other components where they are not required. Another likely downfall is that if the oil and coolant continue to keep leaking, then the … Read more

Why Does My Car Keep Burning Out the Alternator?

If the alternator in your car is burning out, there could be several issues with the interior components or other functionalities connected with them. Common reasons for alternators burning out in your car are oil spillage, a faulty battery or incorrect mounting.  Oil spillage Overload due to additional components Incorrect mounting Faulty battery   Oil … Read more

Can a Car Run without a Catalytic Converter?

Car without a catalytic converter

  Can a car run without a catalytic converter? A car can run without a catalytic converter installed in it and should not create any major issue with the car. One of the main functions of a catalytic converter is to help in releasing reduced levels of pollutants in the air by controlling the power … Read more

How Many RPM Does A Car Alternator Need?

  How many RPM does a car alternator need? A car alternator needs a minimum of 2400 RPM and a maximum of 18,000 RPM during a normal range of operation. Car alternators produce maximum output at a speed of 2400 RPM.   Average car alternator output The average output of a car alternator may vary … Read more