How to Stop a Car Window from Sliding Down? (STEPS)

Car window keeps sliding down


How to stop my car window from sliding down?

You can stop your car window from sliding down by taping the glass with the window frame. You can use duct tape to fix the glass with the frame on both sides.

Vice grips can also be used to wedge the window from sliding down. The advantage of using vice grips is that you can easily hold the window up or pull it down as and when required.


Why does my car window keep falling down?

A car window may keep falling because it is dislodged or stuck down. A broken control arm, a short window motor or a broken regulator can also cause the car window to keep falling down.

Some of the reasons why a car window keeps falling down are:

  • Dislodged window
  • Broken control arm
  • Broken regulator
  • Short window motor


Dislodged window

Over a period of time, the rivets connecting the regulator and the windowpane may break and/or wear out. The regulator will not be able to hold the window up and hence it will keep falling down. Getting a new regulator fitted will solve the problem.


Broken control arm

By the time the car gets old, the control arms of the window may be broken. To spot the issue of a broken control arm, you will need a mechanic to remove the door panel and help you with fixing a new one.


Broken regulator

In cars having power windows, there is a regulator that controls the sliding motion of the glass. When this regulator is broken, the window keeps falling. Replacing it with a new one will address the problem.


Short window motor

The power windows in a car are controlled using motors. When this motor shorts out, you won’t hear a click if you pull the switch up. This indicates the need to get a new motor fitted at the earliest.


Why does my electric car window keep falling down?

An electric car window may keep falling because of a failed window motor, a malfunctioning regulator or faulty switches.

  • Failed window motors
  • Malfunctioning window regulators
  • Power switches


Failed motors

The motors that supply power to the switches may wear out and cause the power windows to fall down. Also, overheated motors can cause problems. Replacing the motor should help.


Malfunctioning regulators

Regulators control the switch that helps to slide the window up and down. With time, these regulators may become faulty and result in windows falling. Changing them will solve the problem.


Faulty switches

The switches start failing and lead to the car windows falling. These are the buttons that you pull up or push down to slide the window up and down. Replacing the switches will address the issue.


Lists of parts of a car window

Name of the part Description
Glass The glass of the car window blocks the air and dust out of the car when pulled up. Also, this glass is capable of protecting the passengers in the car from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Sunroof The sunroof is provided in the cars to let more natural light into the car. Most sunroofs come tinted to prevent excess heating of the car cabin.
Sunroof Rail The sunroof rail supports the sunroof of the car and holds it in position.
Sunroof Glass The sunroof glass allows natural light to illuminate the interiors of the car. The glass is often tinted to let only a limited amount of light to enter inside the car.
Window Motor The window motor supplies power to the window regulator to slide the window up or down as and when necessary.
Window Regulator The window regulator allows the passengers of the car to slide the window up and down as per requirement.
Windshield The windshield is an important element of the car windows as it pushes the airbags to open towards the passengers. This saves the car passengers from injuries in case of accidents.
Window Seal The window seal blocks the slightest dust and rain from entering the car cabin. It’s usually made of rubber to provide airtight protection to the car.


How much does it cost to fix a fallen car window?

It may cost around $200 to $400 USD to fix a fallen car window depending upon the size of the car and the cause of the fallen car window.


How to fix a car window that keeps falling down?

If the window of your car keeps falling down but there is no problem with the motor, you can fix it at home.

Here are some tools that you will need to fix the falling window of your car.

  • Flashlight – The flashlight will help you to look into the finer spaces of the door and issues with the wirings.
  • Needle nose and vice grips- The vice grips are used to hold the window up.
  • Screwdrivers – Screwdrivers are used to loosen the nuts and bolts that hold the door panels into position.
  • Ratchet
  • WD-40 (lubricant)
  • Tape – The duct tape can be used for temporarily fixing the window glass.
  • Wrench


Here are some simple steps to fix a car window that keeps falling down:

  1. Find the button to open the hood of your car. This button is usually located on the driver’s side of the dashboard. Pull the button to open the hood of the car.
  2. Remove the negative terminals of the battery. This will prevent you from shocks.
  3. Remove the faulty door panel of your car. Unscrew the nuts by using a screwdriver.
  4. Take out the hand crank or the power switch and other door components like key craters, cup holders by checking out the owner’s manual of your car.
  5. Take out the car door carefully after removing all the screws and nuts. Make sure to remove all the wirings and insulations before pulling out the door from the panel.
  6. Use a lithium lubricant to remove any rust present on the window track. In the case of bending and cracks, repair them using suitable tools like a wrench.
  7. Check the electric window motor to see if it’s working well. Sometimes holes and scratches on the window motor cause problems in the working of power windows. To spot any electrical damages, connect a voltmeter and check the condition of electric motors. If the motor works fine, move to the window regulator.
  8. Connect an ohmmeter to the window regulator to look out for resistance fluctuations in the ohmmeter.
  9. Check the wires and cables to look for any faults that may be causing the window to fall down. In case of damaged wires, replace them or get them repaired by a professional mechanic.
  10. Push the glass to the base of the frame and align it in the perfect position. Apply some lubricant to make the process smooth. Check the window by pressing the switch down and up.
  11. Fix the components of the door back in their position. Also, reconnect all the wirings that you had removed before.
  12. Put the door back into position in the car panel and fasten the nuts and screws.



There can be several reasons for your car’s window falling down such as a dislodged window, broken hand crank, failed window motors or faulty switches.

Some of these issues will need to be attended by a professional mechanic.

Having the problem fixed by a mechanic will cost you somewhere between $200 and 400$ USD. The repair cost depends upon the type of issue that needs to be addressed and the time of labor. A dislodged window can be fixed at home by following some simple steps.

You will need some tools like screwdrivers, tapes, ratchets and wrenches to fix the issue at home.

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