Is it Safe to Charge a Car Battery Overnight?

Charging a car battery overnight

  Is it safe to charge a car battery overnight? Yes, it’s safe to charge a car battery overnight, but do not keep the battery connected to a charger for more than 24 hours. It’s safest to use a charger that automatically stops charging when the battery is fully charged.   Dangers of charging a … Read more

Why is My Car Making a Whistling Noise?

  Why is my car making a whistling noise? A car can make a whistling noise because of a vacuum leak, defective radiator pressure cap or low transmission fluid. Dirty fuel injectors or a leak in the induction system can also trigger the whistling sound. Vacuum leak Defective or damaged radiator pressure cap Low transmission … Read more

Why is My Car Stuck in Park?

Car is stuck in park

  Why is my car stuck in park? The main reasons why a car can get stuck in park is because of a blown-out brake light fuse, a faulty brake light switch or a malfunctioning shifter interlock. Blown-out brake light fuse Faulty brake light switch Malfunctioning shifter interlock Incline induced pawl pressure   Blown-out brake … Read more

Why Do Some Cars Have Multiple Exhaust Pipes?

Why do some cars have multiple exhaust pipes? The main reason behind having multiple exhaust pipes in cars is to get the residual air out of the cylinders rapidly so that the next interchange can begin. Having multiple exhausts can help with engine efficiency, capacity and enhance performance of the engine. Apart from moving burnt … Read more

Why are Most Car Interiors Black?

Black car interior

Most car interiors are black because black is a classy color and it attracts the largest number of people.   Reasons why black car interiors are popular are: Attracts a larger audience Sleep appearance Black is a versatile color Easier to manufacture Easier to resell   Greater Market Black is the safest color choice for … Read more

Why Does My Car Keep Dying After I Jump Start It?

The main reason why a car can keep dying after you jump-start it is because the alternator is unable to produce enough power to keep the engine running.   The most common reasons why your car keeps dying after you jump start it is: ●    Problem with the alternator There are mainly two types of … Read more