How to Fix Ford Mustang Making a Clicking Noise (Won’t Start)

Ford Mustang making a clicking noise

Why is my Ford Mustang clicking and won’t move? A Ford Mustang clicks but won’t move because of dirty battery cables, a dead starter, poor battery post connections or bad battery cables. An old bad battery, poor ground connection, wire connections not making contact or malfunctioning voltage regulator/alternator can also cause a Ford Mustang to … Read more

Why is My Car Losing Power when the AC is Turned ON?

Car is losing power when AC is turned ON

A car loses power when the AC is turned ON because of the additional AC compressor load on the engine. A problem with the AC compressor such as clogged air filters or low coolant level can also trigger this problem. Clogged air filters Faulty AC compressor Low coolant level   Clogged Air Filters Combustive engines … Read more

Why is my Car Ignition Coil getting Hot/Melting?

Car Ignition Coil getting hot

Why is my car ignition coil getting hot? Your car’s ignition coil may be getting hot because of excessive current flowing through it. This happens when the resistance in the spark plugs and wires is much lower than what is expected. As a result, there is voltage/current overload on the ignition coil and it starts … Read more

How Much Does a Car Engine Weigh?

Car engine weight

  How Much Does the Average Car Engine Weigh?  The average weight of a car engine is about 300-350 pounds. The addition of other parts like transmission and water pump increases the overall weight. In general, electric cars have a lighter engine than gasoline cars. However, the weight of batteries in an electric car makes … Read more

How to Stop Toyota RAV4 Beeping Noise?

Stop Toyota RAV4 Beeping Noise

Why is my Toyota RAV4 beeping? Your Toyota RAV4 may be beeping due to unlatched seatbelts, a triggered switch, open or improperly shut doors or key in the ignition with an open door. Unlatched seat belts Triggered switch Open or improperly shut doors Key in the ignition with the door open   Unlatched Seatbelts When … Read more

How Much Does a Car Weigh?

  How much does the average car weigh? The weight of an average car is between  2,871 pounds to 3,280 pounds. The weight depends upon several factors like the type of the car, the features, the size, the manufacturer and more. For example, a midsize car weighs 3,361 pounds whereas an SUV weighs 3,590 pounds. … Read more

What Size Is a Car Steering Wheel?

Car steering wheel size

  What Size Is A Car Steering Wheel? The average size of a car steering wheel ranges between 14 to 17 inches. This is usually the diameter of the wheel. On the other hand, the grip circumference of the wheel ranges between 2-3/4 and 4-1/4 inches. The diameter is measured in terms of the outer … Read more

How to Reset Toyota Check Engine Light (STEPS)

Reset Toyota Check Engine Light

  What does the check engine light mean on my Toyota Car? The check engine light on your Toyota car lights up when there is a problem with the gas cap, faulty spark plugs or a bad catalytic converter. There can be other reasons for a check engine light showing up on your Toyota car … Read more